How to Make Your Bed Perfectly Every Time

We all love a good night’s sleep and a comfy bed. The sad thing is that most people forget to make their bed after waking up. Some do it unintentionally because they leave the house in a rush while others are just lazy.

Whatever your reason for leaving the bed unkempt, it’s always good to make it before you leave. But do you really know how to make your bed or how you should make your bed.

An ideal bed is one that you can enjoy the coolness that it portrays. So how do you make a bed that fits the highest standards?

The Steps Required to Make Your Bed:

  1. Dust Ruffle (Optional)
  2. Mattress Pad
  3. Bottom Sheet (Flat or Fitted)
  4. Using a Top Sheet (Optional)
  5. Blanket
  6. Top Decorative Layer
  7. Pillows

1. Dust Ruffle (Optional)

When you are working on making your bed, you need to consider if you want to have a dust ruffle (also known as bedskirt) on it.

The use of a dust ruffle is mainly to hide the box spring and has the effect of being able to cover everything that is under your bed. It potentially could keep out dust but is more decorative than practical.

Dust ruffles are generally placed between the box springs and the mattress and should hang nearly to the ground, clearing it only by an inch or two.

While dust ruffles don’t touch the skin and therefore don’t need to be washed as often as the rest of the bed linens.

2. Mattress Pad

A mattress pad is a protective covering which goes directly over the mattress, mainly to extend the longevity of the mattress and keep it cleaner.

Some modern mattress pads also include extra cushioning or even memory foam to make sleep more comfortable and allow individuals to customize their sleep experience.

This should be placed directly on the top mattress and is usually secured with elastic straps which go around the top mattress. This is your base layer for making your bed.

Make sure it’s pulled taunt and smooth, wrinkles in this layer will prevent you from getting your sheets smooth.

This layer doesn’t come in direct contact with your skin but still should be washed seasonally.

3. Bottom Sheet (Flat or Fitted)

You can use a flat sheet or a fitted sheet for this layer. A fitted sheet is one that has elastic around the edge of the sheet to allow it to stretch over the corners of your mattress.

This is quite a bit simpler to put on your bed, simply stretching each corner over the mattress to fit.

Disadvantages to using a fitted sheet — since it has a tight fit, you need to get the correct size, otherwise they won’t fit or may cause weird wrinkles.

Flat sheets give you more flexibility size-wise as you can manually adjust how much you fold over.

Similarly, they are notoriously difficult to fold so if you pride yourself on a well-organized linens closet, they might drive you crazy. Most people agree the convenience is worth it though.

You can also decide to use a flat sheet as the bottom sheet. You just need to place the sheet on both the bottom and top of the mattress and then fold the corners.

This action is done to put the sheets in place.

4. Using a Top Sheet (Optional)

There is some debate on the use of top sheets. If you do want to use a top sheet, you have two options: fold them over the blanket or duvet decoratively, or pull them to the top of the mattresses and put the pillows over the top. Leave the sides untucked or loosely tucked so it’s still possible to get into bed.

Duvet users often skip the flat sheet altogether since the duvet covers can be washed. If you want to simplify your morning routine, it might be worth considering how necessary your top sheet is.

How to Make a Hospital Corner

You need to lay the top sheet until it is flat, ensure that it hangs in an even manner on both sides of your bed.

Then, you tuck in the top sheet along the bed, any excess sheet should be hanging evenly on the sides of the bed.

After that, you need to take up one corner which has hanging fabric and place it on your mattress. Any sheet that remains hanging should be tucked in below the mattress.

You can then fold the sheet that is lying on top of the mattress to the side.

5. Blanket

You can decide to use your blanket placed between the top sheet and the top bedding layer. A blanket that comes in a different color from the top sheet is a welcome addition. It breaks the monotony of colors and gives a new visual pattern that is both exciting and refreshing.

This gives your bed a cool look. Such a look keeps your eyes relaxed, and your soul at peace with the surrounding. If you are using your blanket between the top sheet and the top bedding layer, you need to ensure that you always leave the blanket untucked on the sides. This is to ensure that you have easy access to your bed when you need to sleep.

6. Top Decorative Layer

You can be using your duvet or quilt as a top layer. So long as you are comfortable using it, your top layer is your preference. In the event that you have a top layer that has a contrasting pattern, you can use the reverse side.

This is done to display the beauty that the pattern portrays. You can also decide to have the top quarter of your blanket over your top layer. This results in an eye catching display.

7. Pillows

You should use decorative pillows in order to have a beautiful bed. It is better to put the pillows in their cases to prevent them from getting dirty and wear and tear.

While placing your pillows, you need to put the them where you place your head as well as the standard sized shams closer to your headboard.

You should ensure that the pillows do not crowd out the bed as it may make it look like it is stuffed up with no space to lay your head on.

Another trick that you can use is leaving some space between the pillows and the folded down top layer. This gives the view that despite the pillows being present, there is a space that breaks the monotony.

Final Thoughts

With all the knowledge that you have gained from reading this article, you should use it to your advantage. You should ensure that from now on, your bed should not be a boring view, but an exciting display of how you can play around with the bedding to create a comfy environment for yourself.