Online Mattress Stores: Buying a Mattress Online

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  1. Introduction: Matress Shopping Has Changed
  2. Top Five Online Mattress Companies
  3. Saatva
  4. Purple
  5. Nectar
  6. Amerisleep
  7. Casper
  8. Best of the Rest
  9. Leesa
  10. Tuft & Needle
  11. Tempur-Pedic
  12. GhostBed
  13. Puffy
  14. How to Shop for a Mattress Online

The Web has Changed How We Shop For Mattresses

A few decades ago, it may have seemed ridiculous to purchase a mattress online. In total, the mattress market brings in about $15 billion per year, according to Crunchbase News. The traditional mattress greats, such as Tempur Sealy, bring in $3 billion in sales every year.

However, in 2015, Inc. reported that the online mattress industry was becoming a crowded marketplace. Online mattress stores doubled their sales between 2016 and 2017, says Visual Capitalist. Startups began to differentiate themselves from the mattress incumbents by offering a variety of options made with new technologies.

Now, they’re competing with traditional mattress companies, using innovative marketing, cutting out the middleman and educating consumers about how their products will help them get a good night’s sleep.

These new kids on the block are bringing in big bucks too. Newcomer Saatva had $29 million in sales in 2014. People are doing research online instead of focusing on trying out mattresses in stores. Features like free delivery, trial periods and compressed mattresses are making purchasing via the internet more convenient. In fact, 29 percent of consumers say that they prefer shopping at mattress stores online because they want to avoid going to the store.

Top Five Online Mattress Companies

These five companies offer the best online mattresses if you look at their sales and popularity. They’re not all bed-in-a-box brands, either. Some provide luxury innerspring options that rival major retail brands that you might find in a furniture store.


SaatvaOnline Mattress Store: Saatva Mattresses claims to be America’s leading online luxury mattress brand. Its products are made in the United States with eco-friendly and recycled materials.

Saatva doesn’t offer completely organic mattresses, but it chooses materials carefully and avoids using toxic chemicals that will off-gas once they’re in your home.

The mattresses feature a proprietary coil-on-coil system that prevents sagging. Saatva mattresses come in three comfort levels to please the majority of consumers.

One of the most notable features is the adjustable base, which provides weightless, balanced support and even has an incorporated massage function.

Some of the perks that you get when you buy a Saatva mattress include:

• Free delivery and mattress removal
• 25-year warranty
• 120-day trial period


Purple mattressesOnline Mattress Store: Purple Mattress are constructed with a Smart Comfort Grid, which flexes in the right places to support your pressure points and adapt to any sleep position.

The breathable design also allows for maximum airflow, which helps to regulate your body temperature.

Purple was started by two brothers who developed Floam, a fluid that provided efficient cushioning for wheelchairs.

The material was used in a variety of products, from sneakers to industrial knee pads, and the Purple brand developed as the brothers developed superior cushioning technology that was cheaper than its predecessors and nontoxic.

Some of the perks that you get when you buy a Purple mattress include:

• 100-night free trial
• 10-year warranty
• Free returns


Online Mattress Store: Nectar MattressThe Nectar mattress is made of memory foam that’s created without mercury, lead, ozone depleters, TDCPP or PBDEs.

The high-quality mattress offers a level of firmness that’s not too soft or hard.

The top layer is quilted, which enhances ventilation. The soft Tencel cover prevents heat and moisture from building up next to your body.

It arrives in a compact package, and it’s easy to unroll and install. Nectar also features the longest trial in the online mattress industry.

Some of the perks that you get when you buy a Nectar mattress include:

• 365-day free trial
• Forever warranty
• Free shipping and returns


AmerisleepOnline Mattress Store: Amerisleep Mattress mattresses are made of Bio-Pur foam, which offers support and wicks away heat so that you rest comfortably.

The materials are derived from plants, and the manufacturing process produces no emissions.

This mattress sets up easily. Simply bring the box to your bed, unroll the mattress, and allow it to expand.

Some of the perks that you get when you buy an Amerisleep mattress include:

• 100-night trial
• Free shipping


CasperOnline Mattress Store: Casper Matress prides itself on using high-quality foam with no fillers to deliver some of the best online mattresses.

Casper mattresses come in three styles, from the 11.5-inch thick, five-layer Wave to the 9.5-inch thick, three-layer Essential.

All of them offer a balanced, supportive feel. The thicker versions have more ergonomic technology to relieve pressure points.

Some of the perks that you get when you buy a Casper mattress include:

• 100-night trial
• Free delivery
• Free return pickup

Best of the Rest

These Online mattress stores are also strong contenders and offer high-quality products.


Online Mattress Store: Leesa MattressThe Leesa mattress is another foam option that contours your body while it keeps you cool.

Three layers are ideal for any body type or sleeping position.

The mattresses are made in the U.S. This company also donates one mattress for every 10 that it sells.

Some of the perks that you get when you buy a Leesa mattress include:

• 100-night trial
• Free shipping
• Free returns

Tuft & Needle

Tuft & NeedleOnline Mattress Store: Tuft & Needle Mattress says that it makes the Internet’s most-loved mattress. The adaptive foam offers comfort with mid-range support.

It also features heat-wicking graphite and cooling gel.

The mattress is wrapped in a luxurious cover that’s as plush as it is breathable.

Some of the perks that you get when you buy a Tuft and Needle mattress include:

• 100-night trial
• 10-year warranty
• Money-back guarantee


Online Mattress Store: Tempur-Pedic MattressYou might be more familiar with the Tempur-Pedic than some of these other mattress stores.

Whereas many mattress companies online sell a limited range of styles, Tempur-Pedic offers a few different collections and several levels of firmness.

All of the mattresses feature an EasyRefresh top cover, which zips on and off so that you can remove it easily for washing.

Some of the perks that you get when you buy a Tempur-Pedic mattress include:

• 90-night trial
• 10-year limited warranty
• Free delivery


GhostBedOnline Mattress Store: GhostBed Mattress mattresses are made of memory foam and latex without the addition of harmful chemicals.

It comes in two options, including the GhostBed Original and GhostBed Luxe.

Both allow for proper alignment of your spine, and the manufacturer says that they make you feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

Some of the perks that you get when you buy a GhostBed mattress include:

• 101-night trial
• 20-year warranty
• Free delivery


PuffyOnline Mattress Store: Puffy Mattress claims that it uses higher quality foams than other mattress companies.

Because foam degrades when it is compressed tightly for a long period of time, Puffy makes its products in small batches, leaving them compressed for only a few weeks before they’re shipped out.

The mattresses are made in the U.S. with environmentally friendly practices. You can choose from the Puffy or the Puffy Lux. Both incorporate cooling technology and have a removable, washable cover.

Some of the perks that you get when you buy a Puffy mattress include:

• 101-night trial
• Lifetime warranty
• Free returns

Online Mattress Stores: How to Shop for a Mattress Online

One of the best ways to decide which mattress is best for you is to read reviews. Whereas traditional mattresses may have had certain styles for different types of sleepers, most of the memory foam mattresses described here are designed to be comfortable for anyone.

All of these companies offer some kind of trial or return. That means that you can bring the mattress into your home and sleep on it for several weeks to determine if it’s really the best option for you. You don’t have to stress out about making the right decision the first time.

Some of the advantages of buying a mattress online include:

• Cheaper prices
• Convenient delivery and installation options that are often free
• No pushy salespeople
• Long trial periods

Many internet mattress companies will also remove your old mattress.

If it’s time to upgrade your mattress, consider one of the online mattress stores mentioned above instead of heading to the showroom. You can do your research from the comfort of your own home so that you can rest comfortably every night for the rest of your life.

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Mattress Market Note: According to Fast Company and, traditional brick-and-mortar, (aka physical) mattress companies still control the market. Overall, the mattress industry produces a little over $29 billion ($29.1).