How to Sleep Better

This is a short but very informative video on how to get better sleep. If you are having trouble falling and staying asleep, I would encourage you to check this sleep video out.

Why We Need Sleep

Most people are not aware how connected we are to sleep. A lack of sleep can impact mental and physical well-being.

Sleep can lead to many types of physical issues such as high blood pressure. Not getting enough sleep also wreaks havoc on our mental abilities, making us cranky or irritable.

Sleep Tips

The video provides five (5) tips on how to get better sleep:

1. Create Relaxing Bedtime Ritual
2. Keep a Regular sleep Schedule
3. Stop Looking at the Alarm Clock
4. Fix Your Sleep Environment
5. Turn Off all Electronic Devices (i.e. TV’s and Cell Phones)

Let Us Know if They Work

Give these five simple sleep tips a try and if they work for you let the author of the video know and show them link love. Also let us know, that way others will be encouraged knowing the tips work.

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Special Thanks

Video is courtesy of Wellcast